Discover Virgo Woman Negative Traits (Her Dark Side REVEALED!)

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A Virgo woman is very systematic and analytical; in other words, she is the combination of logic and intelligence.

She is head over heels for the perfection – this explains why she pays too much attention on details and tends to be critical.

The thing is: no one is perfect…even a Virgo!

The female having Virgo in her birth chart can be indecisive, complaining, annoyingly fussy and argumentative. Fortunately, she rarely reaches the very extreme of her dark side.

It’s fairly difficult to understand this mysterious lady because of her secretive nature.

But despite the complexity of her zodiac sign, here are some Virgo woman negative traits you need to know about.

A Glimpse into Virgo Female Bad Traits

negative traits of a virgo female

Of all Virgo negative traits, maybe her obsession about being perfect is the worst and also the source of every conflict.

1. Perfectionism

Both Virgo women and Virgo men are precise and detailed in whatever they do.

The lady has a really high standard for herself and always forces herself to perform everything absolutely right. Due to her perfectionism, she often feels a lot of pressure and stress.

She can easily spot flaws and imperfections in all the things she does. Much terribly, she is prone to become the neurotic perfectionist who has the fear of doing anything that’s not perfect. She may waste a large amount of time to redoing things while worrying about others’ evaluation.

2. Stingy

Since the Virgo female is practical and hard-working, she has a natural habit of saving money which is never a surprise. Nevertheless, she often worries excessively about the financial status in the future due to her insecurity.

She usually thinks about worst-case scenarios, and the fear of not having a good future makes her create as many accounts as possible at different banks. This gal believes that having much money will help them escape from something catastrophic.

This leads her to become miserly to the extreme.

3. Emotional withholding

It’s hard to figuring out signs a Virgo woman likes you because she is an introvert who’s very with her emotions. With a secretive nature, she doesn’t let anyone in her mind and often feels insecure.

Usually she is known for being composed, calm, and cool most of the time; therefore, she’s afraid that her perfect image will be ruined once her feelings are on display.

Again, her obsession for perfection makes her suppress her uglier emotions to the point she erupts in much terrible moods or falls into a dark depression. When going through darkest hours, the Virgo female may use alcohol or even drugs to deal with her emotional pain.

She better learns to release her bottled-up emotions.

4. Order and cleanliness

You can tell that a Virgo is a neat freak.

Called herself the perfectionist, she can’t stand seeing things not clean or not in perfect order. This lady has been through irrational fears of untidiness in her life; thus, she will obsessively worry if you do anything not following the order.

Because everything has to be perfect, she’s developed habits and routines that she can’t live without – those help her stay in perfect organization and not infect things negatively.

5. Sensitive to the extreme

Is Virgo woman sensitive?

Well, I must say that she is born under one of most sensitive zodiac signs. Even though she doesn’t like to express her feelings openly, she really gets affected when being hurt and upset.

The moment you play with her feelings, it confuses her mind and makes her down despite her collected expression. When she gives off a cold exterior, it doesn’t mean she feels nothing; in fact, she hides everything underneath and chooses to cope with it all by herself.

If you want to be with a Virgo, then keep in mind that she is a sensitive soul who cares deeply about what people think about her. This perfectionist can’t handle well with criticisms!

Virgo Female Love Compatibility

zodiac signs get along well with virgo woman the most

It’s frustrated to deal with Virgo negative traits at times, but overall Virgo woman still makes an ideal partner in love relationships.

What zodiac signs are compatible with Virgo woman?

When it comes to best love match for this lady, the most compatible signs to match with are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio.

Virgo woman and Taurus man makes a great combination once coming together romantically. He is a calm and reassuring person who can provide the female security she has sought for a long time. This reliable guy will guide his woman through difficult times and encourage her whenever she’s need of advice.

The only issue with this couple is the female’s standoffish character may push the Taurus guy away.

Who should a Virgo marry?

Again, the pairing of Virgo and Taurus has the potential for a successful marriage.

Besides, she can get along well with Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer thanks to similar characteristics and common outlooks as well as interests.

Meanwhile, the Virgo lady is totally incompatible with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries. If she accidentally ends up with one of these signs in a romantic relationship, there will be no chance for eternity.

Can the match of two Virgos last long?

When two Virgos is paired up as a couple, they are predicted to have a wonderful compatibility rate – both can achieve a wonderful life together. Two perfectionists know exactly what each other wants; hence, they are able to support each other with ease and have no problems in strengthen their love and feelings.

The match of two Virgos is the union of two practical minds which means their conversations will be on the same level.


How well do you know a Virgo woman?

Understanding her negative personality traits will help you build a deeper and better connection with her, especially if the two of you are sharing a romantic relationship, friendship, or partnership.

We’ve already provided Virgo female’s 5 biggest bad traits above.

She often makes things difficult because she overly thinks and worries too much about a simple issue; not yet, her critical behavior towards her surrounding really annoys people around her.

Due to her zodiac sign traits, Virgo is also meticulous and demanding; that explains why she reacts negatively to someone else’s weaknesses. She finds it hard to ask for others’ assistance and advice as she has trusting problems.

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