Best & Worst Virgo Personality Traits For Clarity (Find Out NOW)

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Does your date of birth range from August 23 to September 22nd?

The symbol of Virgo horoscope is the Virgin that depicts the purity. Virgo natives have a highly strong sense of the good and bad that makes them highly discerning. Due to this characteristic, they can aid people around them in understanding whether their actions are right or wrong.

In any field in life, Virgos are always careful of everything they do.

Let’s discover Virgo personality traits through this article.

A Brief Overview of Virgo Personality Traits

  • Dates of birth: August 23rd – September 22nd
  • Symbol: the Virgin
  • Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 61, 72
  • Convenient months: April, July, November and December
  • Inconvenient months: February, March and May
  • Best matches: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces
  • Worst matches: Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Aries
  • Health problems: Abdomen, Intestines, Spleen and Diaphragm
A Brief Overview of Virgo Personality Traits

According to dozens of talented and seasoned astrologers, Virgo is a passive zodiac sign. It is often highly rare to see them in some outdoor activities. However, in some urgent cases, everyone will find them extremely agile.

Although Virgos are intelligent, sometimes, they can confuse about some decisions including making chores in their daily lives. Furthermore, these people are great at establishing the stable relationships with anybody around them.

In general, Virgos are often responsible for any entrusted task.

Due to this, they can put too much pressure on themselves. Don’t worry about these tasks, dear Virgo! Balance your work and relaxation in a suitable way. Everything will be driven as your expectation. In some social relations, people often feel fun because of Virgos’ senses of humor.

It will be a wrong idea to think that Virgos are calm.

Actually, they are nervous and unorganized in their minds. Therefore, they often spend too much time in thinking carefully before making any decision. With their curiosities and ambitions, they always attempt to learn many exciting and fascinating things in life.

In some arguments, they are not eager to accept other people’s points of view.

Virgo in Career

Thanks to their analytical and thinking minds, most Virgos are able to be successful in whatever they do. With their intellect, they can be good at some aspects such as logical interpretation, deduction and analysis.

Hence, it will be a wise action for them to choose some jobs such as researchers, doctors and financial analysts. Due to their love and care by nature, Virgos are also great at healthcare professional, social workers, physicians and volunteers.

According to facts about Virgo astrology personality, these people always seek for perfection in everything, from the career to hobby. Before plunging into anything, they must analyze all the facts as well as know all the details.

Discriminating, industrious, and scientific by nature, they are extremely quick in digging into the heart of the matter. In work, with the jobs requiring organization, no one can beat the Virgo, especially if there’s anything out of order, he’ll set himself to the task immediately.

When performing a project, most Virgos have a tendency to put themselves to flawlessness – they can’t accept any mistake.

Since they take great price in works, they promise to show the absolute best of their ability. If they feel their talent lags behind, they won’t hesitate to widen their knowledge.

As a rational thinker, they are good at settling others’ disputes and placing them on the right track for reconciliation.

Virgo in Finances

Moving to finances…well, Virgo natives are excellent with money.

Compared to other horoscope signs, they generally keep a strict grasp on what they spend and strive to put away as much money as possible. When it comes to shopping, never expect them to overspend; in fact, they will prepare a well-advanced plan for expenditures.

Besides, since their zodiac symbol is a fascinating virgin, Virgos really love arts and often buy beautiful things in order to fill their homes with tasteful atmosphere.

Virgo in Health

What you should know before dating a Virgo?

As we mentioned above, health generally as well as eating healthily is important and essential to Virgos. Never surprise yourself when seeing your crush standing in the produce aisles of a local store to buy organics.

To conquer a Virgo woman’s heart, you need to get used to her calorie-conscious diets. Consider this if you are finding gifts for the Virgo lady.

Both male and female Virgos often do physical exercises to maintain their body shape.

Virgo in Relationship

Lots of astrologers have predicted that Virgo is one of the wisest zodiac astrology signs on the wheel. They have the most logical mind. As a result, they can perceive some hidden and inner things that cause their love affairs to be complicated.

However, this can make Virgo lose their opportunities of being happy since they can see some negative things of their partners. Don’t worry!

In these circumstances, Virgo and the lover should talk and share attitudes with each other so that they can understand what they really need. Normally, Virgo is mostly faithful, and they always look forward to a long-lasting and steady relationship.

Virgo natives are highly compatible with Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.

What are Virgo Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are Virgo Strengths and Weaknesses?

Virgo is the zodiac sign most dedicated to serving.

The deep sense of the humane leads them to care giving like no other, while their methodical approach to life ensures nothing is missed.

As the sign representing the perfection, what are Virgos good at?

Whether they are bad at something or not?

Most Virgo people are gentle and dedicate – rather than moving ahead, they prefer to step back and scrupulously analyze an issue. They have a strong sense of goods and bad, and that makes them highly discriminating.

Possessing an unparalleled ability to recognize wrong motives of people which makes Virgos very careful in whatever they do. They are passive yet not really passive, intelligent yet frequently confused. They are also good at forming connection with others yet not as extrovert as some of the other signs of the zodiac chart.

So, what are Virgo strengths and weaknesses?

Take a look at the following ideas to learn more about this zodiac sign.

Strengths of Virgo:

  • Considered as a perfectionist, they are perfect by nature
  • Be practical and patient while approaching any situation
  • Feel confident and determined in life
  • Be sincere and honest in everything they do (including work and relationship)
  • Be emotionally strong and dependable
  • Always be intelligent and good at taking decisions of life or having solutions to every problem

Weakness of Virgo:

  • Virgos are over critical by nature
  • Be incapable of taking things which come towards them
  • Keep fussy about small things in life
  • Have a very conservative approach towards life
  • Simply do not accept change
  • Can be harsh and rude while speaking

A Glimpse into Virgo Negative Traits

These people tend to limit their ability to move forward, they dwell too much on the past. They can be prejudiced in thinking and make things complicated.

Only view problems in a critical way, show constant criticisms, become argumentative, Virgos, for sure, are fussy and incredibly inflexible. They seem lacking sensitivity, often pay attention to the little things in life, and have trouble in making decisions.

If they don’t be so hard on themselves, the Virgo natives are able to be independent. It’s not surprising when seeing they slow their progress.

Sometimes, it takes hours for a Virgo to complete a small task perfectly.

What are Virgo worst qualities?

When being practical is the strength of Virgo, overdoing it is oppositely their weakness.

The Virgo individuals are perfectionists. But their perfect and purity come as an intolerable criticism for the close ones. They are suspicious of everything and everyone around them. Also, Virgos are so particular about their belongings that sometimes it appears irritating. Their characteristics nature often leads a boring life.

Weaknesses of this zodiac sign are:

  • Cynical
  • Selective
  • Inflexible
  • Indifferent
  • Meddlesome

Virgos love living in their little world as, at certain times, they don’t want to be bothered with people and soon become detached. Rarely show their feelings and emotions, they find it hard to let others show their true feelings.

They can also be unstable and unpredictable; it all depends on their attitude.

Top 10 Facts about Virgo Zodiac Sign

Top 10 Facts about Virgo Zodiac Sign

Most Virgo natives own a shy, naive personality. They are typically conservative and aloof in nature. Also, they’re famous for being independent – the masters in analyzing and organizing things on their own.

Nevertheless, these people find it difficult to motivate themselves.

That’s why they often search for someone who can offer encouragement to help them complete the job well.

Are you ready to get to dig more about this sign?

With an acute attention to details, Virgos will make sure that nothing is missed while approaching to life methodically. Their deep sense of humanity leads them to care-giving like no other – a Virgo is quite delicate and gentle; before moving ahead, he needs to step back and analyze the circumstance.

If you are crushing on a Virgo female, obviously you will go online and Google Virgo woman personality traits to understand her better, right? Will you two be cosmically compatible?

You may also want to check tips on attracting a Virgo lady as well!

Dating is tough, so it’s a good time to seek a little guidance.

Here, take a look at 10 interesting facts about a Virgo:

  1. Always providing best critical reviews
  2. Being neat and clean
  3. Enjoying helping others
  4. Having great comedic timing
  5. Considered as the master in hiding emotions
  6. Being practical and devoted in career
  7. Being blessed with analytical mind
  8. Known as trustworthy people who you can believe in
  9. Being incredibly intelligent and independent
  10. Concerning about small detailed things

When it comes to family and friends, an individual belonging to this astrological sign is indeed a helpful companion. He’s good at offering advice, since he knows how the problem can be solved.

A Virgo cares much about health, so it’s easy to realize that he’s a professional caregiver who’s good at taking care of others.

Loving and dedicated to family, Virgo people will appear first on the scene when care is needed. Rather than showing their inner feelings, they prefer to show through deed, not words.

A Virgo Man is Confused in Love…

A Virgo Man is Confused in Love

Why is Virgo man confused in love, so often?

He’s a special species unto himself. If you’ve been through a relationship, or are currently, with this guy, this issue may not surprise you. Confusion is always a part of his life, especially when he’s in love. This man can go from hot to cold in an instant.

If you try to catch his heart, you need to carefully choose an appropriate net.

When dating a Virgo, don’t ever do anything wrong to him. Or, Virgo will immediately make a quick exit to run away as well as clear away his undying devotion to you.

If you feel tired of living in a constant state of confusion with him, there are surely ways that help understanding a Virgo man.

Will you be able to control the direction the relationship goes?

In love, this guy likes to be the center of his partner’s universe – it tends to be true though. Why? When he begins to feel an emotional attachment to a woman, he needs to know whether she feels exactly the same way about him.

Obviously, Virgo is very serious when it comes to relationship. Thus, he doesn’t want to waste time and invest his heart into an affair in which the partner just sees him as a casual date.

This is why you should let your Virgo man know that you do view him as someone truly special.

Don’t mind taking time each day to tell how much he’s important to you. If you are proactive with your feelings, he will feel that you are as committed to him as he is to you.

When things seem to go wrong, the Virgo man sometimes blows things completely out of proportion. It’s hard to see the partner you love just shuts down completely because you two have a conflict.

Badly, some male Virgos even walk out the relationship and see this as a way to express their disappointment.

In this case, how to deal with a Virgo man?

Straightforwardly tell him that although you understand why he gets frustrated, his actions are just not acceptable to you.

Even when Virgo man confused in love, he still appreciates you to be honest with you. Be mindful to learn more about your partner. Later on, you’ll get a reward as a deeper connection between you two.

Let’s find out the best match for Virgo man immediately!

Understanding a Virgo in love…

Virgos enjoy planned dates…why?

Without preparation, they get embarrassed easily, and they’re afraid that something terrible will occur or be discussed during the romantic moments.

If you want to win a Virgo’s heart, please respect their private thoughts instead of probing his mind and asking tons of questions, especially when both of you still not form a strong relationship yet. Your crush finds it very uncomfortable when you keep questioning.

It’s important for the Virgos feel needed by their mates. Even though they won’t express many words of love, they will show their irresistible affections in the bedroom.

When choosing a life partner, they mainly focus on how important and needed of that person in their lives – Virgo people always want to form a strong connection with their future partner.

After getting married, they will be dedicated spouses enjoying living on the wild side.


Indicating the most independent zodiac sign, Virgo enables to put their intelligence and sharpness on the line to accomplish the life goals.

To the world, these people may represent a calm exterior, but on the inside, they need to get in touch with their true feelings. Seen as an expert in hiding emotions, it’s hard for others to understand what a Virgo is thinking.

Because of possessing a constant drive to improving and being perfect, they can be led to extreme finickiest and pickiness.

They are mutable and practical in nature; sometimes they seem very confident, yet they become self-doubt at other times. As a perfectionist, they don’t like to rush into anything; instead, they believe in taking thing slow that may help to achieve their goals.

Though Virgo and ‘perfection’ is a good match, this sign itself does have bad qualities.

Virgos are literally pure and their motives are honest – when doing something, they must achieve the best result.

Overall, Virgo is a truthful, loyal, and straightforward person. They have a powerful mind to keep everything in (all the emotions and feelings). By knowing clearly about Virgo strengths and weaknesses, you then will gain insights of this zodiac sign.

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