7 Obvious Signs A Virgo Woman Is Falling For You

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When coming to finding out if a Virgo develops feelings romantically towards you, it can be a little tricky.

Individuals born under Virgo sign take love very seriously and never make any hasty decision to love matters. They tend to think carefully before getting involved in a relationship.

Not opening up easily, but they will fall hard once their true mate appears.

If you have an eye on a Virgo female and want to win her heart, the key is to be patient because it takes her a long time to fall in love.

What are signs a Virgo woman is falling for you?

Let’s discover now!

How to Know a Virgo Female Loves You?

discover love signs of a virgo woman

#1: She notices everything about you

Once falling in love with you, the Virgo gal will notice you as well as anything related to you. For example, she will make a note of your favorite foods, colors, or other preferences.

A Virgo woman in love has a keen eye for details; thus, don’t be surprised if she can tell you things about yourself that even you cannot even realize.

#2: She spends time with you

In a love relationship, this woman likely makes time to be with you.

She is the industrious type which means she has a very busy life and usually uses her valuable time to accomplish her life goals. Considered as one of her negative traits, the Virgo lady hardly has time for socialization; instead, she is all about devoted in works.

Fortunately, she will try to spend time for you if both of you get involved in a serious love romance. You will become her priority and she will flee from her busy schedule in order to stay around you most of the time.

When you feel that she shows up next to you frequently, then you can tell that she has fallen for you.

#3: She feels concerned about you

As soon as Virgo woman develops special feelings for you, her concerns about you will be created. Due to her nurturing nature, she will often call or text you to ask if you’ve eaten yet. The more she likes you, the more she worries about you.

Since she really cares about her health, she expects her loved one to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s totally normal if she takes you to the fitness center and helps you sign up for a health class.

This lady will constantly tell you to take care of yourself. She may not confess her love for you very often, but you’ll easily know it from the way she shows her concern.

#4: She cooks for you

How to tell when a Virgo is attracted to you?

Once she gets drawn by someone else, she will treat that person a dinner at her place. This woman can’t stop herself from showing off her cooking skill – her aim is to leave a good impression, especially to the one she likes.

The moment she cooks for you, it’s guessable that she wants to win your attention and affection. As she’s good at noticing things, she can tell what kind of food you like to eat; then, she will prepare your favorite meal with ease.

No matter what she cooks, it will be very good for your health.

#5: She asks for your advice

This is a quite unique sign from Virgo woman.

She is typically not the type seeking for others’ advice. However, the chance she likes you is high when she asks for your advice. The moment she approaches you for something, it’s a sign she trusts you.

Virgo is the perfectionist and highly critical; therefore, she will never seek advice from you unless she’s certain about your capacity. She has a great respect for people who are intellect and knowledgeable.

The Virgo female will constantly think of you if she takes your relationship seriously.

#6: She loosens up around you

When a Virgo is in love with you, her tendency is to soften up and become more comfortable when she’s next to you. Characterized by the hardness, she only gets loose and relaxes if being around the people she feels most secure.

Others often claim Virgo women are business-like.

Indeed, she (like anyone else) will smile a lot once being in a romantic relationship with the love of her life. As long as you provide her the comfort, she will soon put down her guard and behave informal towards you.

She will become more feminine in order to escape herself from the conservative nature as well as attract you.

#7: She displays her vulnerable side to you

Girls with Virgo sign are deeply secretive, so obviously they won’t tell much about themselves for others. They are always hesitant to share their secrets to even family and friends; that’s why figuring out their feelings is never simple.

Nonetheless, the Virgo gal becomes vulnerable when developing romantic emotions towards you. Gain her trust and she will gradually open up. Once she feels secure around you, she will voluntarily tell you about her past as well as share her future dreams.

During the process of displaying her vulnerable side, you can easily tell if she’s happy, depressed, or sad.

Final Thoughts

Now you know signs a Virgo woman is falling for you to look for!

Keep in mind that she can be attracted to and develop feelings for you; nevertheless, she’s quite slow to admit those emotions because they at first overwhelm her. She will act cautious during that time until being certain that her feelings are true.

It takes her a relatively long time to engage in a relationship with you, start conversations, and process her feelings before she completely opens up and reveals how she actually feels.

In general, Virgo lady doesn’t want to be pushed or forced as she needs time to cope with her insecurity and nurture her comfort around you.

How is it like when you receive her love?

Consider yourself lucky as you’ll get a tender, attentive, giving, faithful and caring partner. She is totally a potential option for a long-term relationship!

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